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Lead & Hard Metals Roofing Training Group

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Specialist Apprenticeship Programme (SAP) in Hard Metals

Resulting qualification QCF levels 2 & 3

Course length – Level 2 : 2 years,  Level 3 – Additional 1 year

Who’s the course for

Hard Metal working is a highly exacting skill used by roofing and specialist roofing contractors throughout the construction industry. This course is aimed at those who are currently, or will be in the future, involved in installing Hard Metal weathering to a variety of buildings from domestic housing to historic and listed buildings, churches and cathedrals.


Course aims and benefits

The SAP training programme provides a Hard Metal apprentice with two years training and results in an QCF Level 2 Qualification.

It combines attendance at the LSA training centre with on-site training and assessments.


In more detail, this involves the combination of formal instruction off-job, which includes. 30 days attendance at LSA Training Centre; this is usually completed by attending block release.


This is followed by on site training with an employer, where the final assessment of the skills and knowledge of participants will be carried out.


During the first twelve months of the programme the trainee will serve as a third man in a team of two men where they will have the ability to learn without being under undue stress or pressure. At the start of month 13 the trainee will be allowed to work as the second man in a two-man gang, and when an employer feels that they have acquired sufficient skills and experience to take more responsibility they will be allowed to work safely with less supervision.


The course content is also designed to ensure that the candidates are able to understand the hazards and safe working practices within this specialised industry, and on completion of the training the apprentice will be able to form and install metal flashings, weatherings, and roof details to a variety of roofs finishes to recognised practice and standards of competence.


The SAP is a great way to improve your skills and is designed to provide flexibility through the on site training elements to suit an employer’s business needs and at the same time provide on the job and off site training.


Entry requirements

The preferred minimum age for new entrants to the SAP programme is 18 years due to the nature of the work, and therefore, there is thought to be no requirement for ‘key skills’ inclusion. However, the training programme will allow for 16 year olds to attend the course.


Methods of assessment

Practical tests

Written question papers

Training centre and on-site assessments



Qualification Credit Framework (QCF) Level 2 Metal Roofing in (Hard Metals)

Course length: two years


This apprenticeship programme will lead to a (QCF) Level 2 qualification and Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) recognition, on satisfactory completion of the health & safety test.


Having gained a (QCF) Level 2 you are then eligible to undertake (QCF) Level 3 which takes an additional year.

Costs and funding


For details and costs on funding and to discuss the details of the course more fully please contact us as detailed below so we can provide support and guidance on the right course for you.


There are also some options available for grants to support the funding of the course and we would be happy to discuss your eligibility for this.



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