Lead & Hard Metals Roofing Training Group

Lead & Hard Metals Roofing Training Group

Register of Hard Metal workers

The list of individuals involved in the installing of hard metal is provided to confirm the training / qualifications / assessment level that each has achieved.


Entry is available to anyone that meets the required criteria and those listed pay a small annual subscription to have their names included in the register. However registration only takes place if their details – including training courses attended, qualifications received and assessments they have been subjected to – have been independently verified.


If a person wishes to be included in the Register of Hard Metal workers but is unable to provide evidence of any qualification achieved or other testimony to their level of skill, they can apply to be assessed by the training staff at the Lead Sheet Association at their National Roof Training Centre in Kent, or through one of the registered satellite centres around the country.


Contact the Lead Sheet Association direct for further details  (01622 872432 or email info@leadsheet.co.uk )


The Register of Hard Metal workers is provided to assist prospective employers wishing to verify the credentials of a potential employee, main contractors wishing to confirm the credentials of a Hard Metal worker before allowing site access, or even of a householder considering their own small building project involving lead that they wish to be installed by a person who has been trained to the appropriate level.


The list has been compiled and is provided by L&HMRTG based solely on the information and evidence provided by each individual and it should be noted that such evidence may not necessarily be current.


It should be noted that the Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors (FTMRC) vet their members on a regular basis to ensure ongoing compliance with current working practices. Details of FTMRC members can be found on their web site www.ftmrc.co.uk


Every effort has been made to accurately portray the level of hard metal work each individual should be able to undertake, based upon the evidence provided and by providing details and illustrations of different details in hard metal work. Those referring to the list should note the ascending skill levels that can be obtained and the increasing complexity of work that may be addressed by the more skilled and experienced operative.


Those considering the engagement of persons that appear on this list should pay particular attention to the skill level achieved by each individual and assess this against the detailing and complexity of the work for which they may be engaged, in order to satisfy themselves that the appropriate level of competence is indicated.


The Register of Hard Metal workers is provided by way of information only and the L&HMRTG take no implied or specific responsibility and will accept no liability for the actual current level of knowledge, practical skills or performance of any of the individuals contained in this register.


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