Lead & Hard Metals Roofing Training Group

Lead & Hard Metals Roofing Training Group

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Basic Bossing and Welding


The first formal “hands on” training experience in learning how to use lead sheet comes in the form of the basic bossing and welding course.


Bossing and Welding are two most common skills used by today’s leadworkers and these courses provide a starting point for learning these essential foundations of working with lead sheet.


This course develops the skill and knowledge necessary to perform  the main lead working techniques in a concentrated training programme and will include safe working methods for the product.


On completion of the course trainees will be able to perform basic detailing used in many flashing and weathering applications and begin to understand the complexities and appreciate the joys of working with this most amenable of metals.


Who should attend?

While there are no special entry requirements this course, it would be useful for roofing and general building contractors who want to become more skilled in the prefabrication and installation of typical lead flashing details.



Trainees will gain skills and knowledge of lead welding and bossing techniques and how to work and manipulate the sheet during installation, thereby improving the quality of leadwork and productivity on site.


Over time and with practice, knowledge and speed of working will improve, enabling further up-skilling and learning more complex detailing.

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